Project Background

The Wright County Highway Department and the City of Otsego plan to reconstruct CSAH 38 from O Dean Avenue NE to Trunk Highway 101 during the 2018 construction season.  The project is approximately 1.3 miles in length and will be a rural highway design with two 12-foot wide bituminous travel lanes, two 6-foot wide bituminous paved shoulders, 4:1 ditch side slopes, and will include turn lanes and by-pass lanes at some intersections.  Alignment changes will be made to meet current design standards, and this will be most noticeable at the vertical curves along the corridor.

The scope of work will also include a separated paved trail/bikeway along the north side of the corridor.  This trail will be owned and maintained by the City of Otsego.

Why is the improvement being done?  These improvements are being done to address safety concerns and pavement deterioration.  The project will improve safety by widening the roadway shoulders to current standards, by constructing right-turn and by-pass lanes, and by improving grade and alignment.  The project will also flatten in-slopes to meet current safety standards and remove fixed objects from the “clear zone” to improve safety.   This route is an important east-west corridor that connects travel and commerce between TH 101 in Otsego and County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 19 in the city of Albertville.